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2014 Kia Forte EX PTS VIN8 A Couple of Questions

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1st I used Guide 24661 for Evo ONE and 68731 for FL4 when installing the EVO One (recommended firmware identified on program screen, its higher than 76.36, i think there are two newer firms but it wont let me click on them, one is a beta ver.) in car to include adding 2-1 amp diodes at PTS. The car is loaded with options, heated front rear, ac front driver seat, nav and tech pack and more. So I connected laptop to FL(ver 4.05 and recomended in program screen) and FL4 to bypass/ RS and logged in, I dont see the toggle in the lower right corner they speak of, instead I can just click on the tab at top of screen and it asks to confirm or cancel(if you changed anything and didnt save) to switch between bypass and RS. Right now 3x locks the car will crank over but no run, my seat moves, Headlights and dash light up, air controls work, and radio comes on then I hear a couple clicks then the car starts to crank but acks like no fuel, What are all the settings I should have on in the bypass and starter options? I think I had to choose 2.4 in order to get it to even crank, What am i missing or need to check

2nd I see the bypass/starter has a programming set of intructions and the FL4 has its own programming setup however when save and loading setup in user interface when all devices are connected together inline, I get a message stating 20.6 will be changed but it was already defaulted with a green thumbs up, also in bypass I get a message that alot will change when those are also already defaulted with a green thumbs up...smh. Question is how do the options 2.Programmable Option and 31.4,5 and 6 work in unison with each other?

Side note while creating this I just realized I did nothing with the decrypt after every thing is done with bypass and RS do i need to click send on the decrypt screen, what is the complete steps in order to complete this.

Connect laptop-FL4-Bypass/RS, login, choose settings and load(save), then decrypt, then just unplug, then test or...?

Update: I dont think i have a decrypt option...
asked Nov 21, 2018 in Kia by Eric Wallace (240 points)
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After making a phone call i opened car back up and double checked wireing and wire crimp tension esp by the P2S button as because of the diodes I had to connect - everything was nug as a bug here - so quad drupal checked the fimware versions again to low and behold there was another firmware version to update to, shockingly after the phone call i get an update, anyway I update and the option that allows you to choose how you wired the main body, power ign ign 2 ground and white options had an option of exactly how i had mine wired... you know per the schematic they provided and lowered crank time down to 1. anyway works like a dream and works 99.9% like i want it to, now I will be looking into the remote start for the phone and then maybe sell it and try it all over again on a Dodge Ram... Once up and running/functioning i shit you not, this thing has all the bells and whistles to connect to dam near every option you can imagine in your car. This does way more than imagined compared to the $400 plus after market RS installed on ex's Dodge. This is a pitbull by far but installing was a little daunting though, better have some automovtive knowledge or youll be left dead in the garage with wires cut and no way to start car to.

Sorry so long to this but wanted to be sure there were no isssues, and nope no issues so far... I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT...
answered Mar 2, 2019 by Eric Wallace (240 points)