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2004 Durango...Ignition turns on but no crank

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I just installed an EVO-ONE using the THAR-CHR5 harness per Guide #16671 (which BTW is missing telling you to cut the yellow loop for an automatic).  Everything appeared to program correctly and when I press the Lock button on the fob 3x I can see the blue light flash, then the red one comes on and Ignition comes up and the fuel pump primes, but it does not crank at all.

Now I suspect the issue may be linked to the fact that I do not have the front doors installed at this time, so I think the unit is seeing the doors as open (and it'd be right).  

Also, I have not installed the hood pin yet so the wire is currently floating.

Any suggestions?

asked Sep 8, 2019 in Dodge by Scott Huhn (190 points)

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Verify that there is power comming out of the starter wire on the evo (yellow E6).

Also what is the service number to the unit?
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Derek (187,120 points)
It was the doors.  I jumpered the two door latch wires on the connectors on both sides and it fired right up.

To answer your question about the service number, it is 002B07 337376