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2018 DODGE JOURNEY Unable to find pink/white 9v ignition wire.. GUIDE #73591

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Going through the guide, I have removed the driver side kickpanel and there is a huge bundle of wires, and I've looked through them and found two pink/wire wires, niether of which are 9v. One is .05v the other 12v. Am I just missing it?


:EDIT: I dont know why the pictures wont show up, they appear fine when creating the post and if I make them any smaller, they'll be hard to see.

asked Oct 19, 2019 in Dodge by Justin Stroud (270 points)

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You want the circuit that tests:

0V Key OFF

12V Key ON

12V during crank

12V while the car is started.


I wrote 12V out of habit... you might see 9.6V.  There should be an ignition in the driver kick panel as well.

That connection is only to sense ignition, the module does not power that circuit.
answered Oct 21, 2019 by Robb (238,020 points)
Ahh ok, thank you for the clarification. The guide states 9v, and I didn;'t want to damage anyhting with 12v. I'll double check it's behavior regarding ignition and go from there. Thanks again!