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2018 Dodge Journey - Evo ALL THAR-CHR6 - Guide # 73591 - CAN H and CAN L alternate location?

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The guide states that the CANH and CANL wires are up in the CAN junction block. I've located the wires, and I can just get the plug out but once I do, there is not enough wire slack to be able to splice into them. I've seen people mention thay've gotten this to work, but I do not see how.

I know that there is a CANH and CANL in the OBD2 port, as they are there in pretty much all vehicles since it's an industry standard. Is there any reason I cannot splice into those?
asked Oct 28, 2019 in Dodge by Justin Stroud (270 points)

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Yes, because there is  security gateway at the obd2 port that will stop the module from programming.
answered Oct 29, 2019 by Derek (187,120 points)
OK, makes sense, but how in the world are people getting to those wires at the junction block? Maybe somone can give me a decription or something, cause I'm out of ideas.
Personally have not done one yet so can't speak on that.
I'm having trouble finding the 3 pin white connector.