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Automatic lights do not work after install on 2018 RAV4

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I've just finished installing the wiring on my 2018 RAV4 XLE Hybrid and now the automatic lights do not work.


NOTE: I've only connected the wires and the EVO-ONE is not connected yet.


I'm using the Fortin THAR-TOY6 harness and I've connected everything exactly as described in the manual:


1) Purple wire to (+) STARTER.  (soldered connection)
2) White/Black wire to (-) START/STOP.  (soldered connection)
3) +12V and GND wired to OBD2 per manual.  (used Posi-Tap connectors;  there is absolutely no way to pull OBD2 connector far enough out to solder wires behind connector)
4) "A" harness/passthrough connected to Main Body ECU.


I do not have an EVO-ONE yet but I wanted to finish the wiring.  All car functions still work properly except the automatic lights.


What can I check to see why they are not working?  I was extremely careful during installation and can't imagine why it's not working except that I don't have the EVO-ONE installed yet.


asked Nov 23, 2019 in Toyota by John Klimek (430 points)

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If you dont have evo yet, remove the connector that goes to the ecu. Theres an interrupt on there for the autologhts. If you had the evo, they would work fine once red connector is connected.
answered Nov 24, 2019 by Robb (230,030 points)
selected Nov 24, 2019 by John Klimek
Take a look at the non t harmess guide. You will understand why.
Thanks as always Robb!