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2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 6.7L starter continues cranking for a couple of seconds after the engine is running

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I installed the evo all with the T harness today,  when I start it the starter is staying engaged too long.   I installed the same kit acouple of years ago in a similar truck and did not have this issue with the over crank.  I saw a previous question that says this issue is normal.   Is it possible to go back to a previous firmware version as I dont not want to cause unnecesary wear and damage to my truck.
asked Dec 29, 2019 in Dodge by Mark Perestrelo (160 points)

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I'm here for the same thing. I installed the EVO-ALL CHRT5 with RF remotes, to a 07 mega cab 5.9 diesel. Pretty simple installation but stays engaged about 2 seconds after the truck is started. Hoping for a easy inexpensive solution. If you don't want my comment on here let me know and I'll remove it.
answered Dec 30, 2019 by Darby Watson (150 points)
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That extra 1 mississipi crank is to ensure it starts up in extreme cold since there is no adjustable crank on the evo-all.


Since the evo-all does not have an adjustable crank, options would be... add a third remote starter and take the evo out of stand alone mode. The starter will manage crank. Or, change the evo-all for an evo-one, the evo-one has an adjustable crank.
Thanks for the response. Looks like I'm going to go shopping again.
The previous evo all did not have this extra crank on the one I installed and have never had issues with not starting.   


Is it possible to load an older firmware file?
74.22 should be available
74.22 DOESN'T fix the problem of the starter  cranking too long. I also found out that the Fortin Flash Module has a limited amount of times you can use it. This is fantastic for us who have been trying to troubleshoot and fix this annoying problem. This inexpensive remote starter is starting to cost me excessive money and time.
I am also working on a 2007 diesel and had a evo all on it with the same problems.  I am currently installing a evo one and I will try and post my results of adusting the crank time. A full second of overcrand is not acceptable!!!!