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evo one firmware version updating to recommended version but showing 0.00 after flashed

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evo one firmware version 1.24 was compatible when i plugged it to flashlink again to make some setting changes but now showing firmware is not compatible so i update to recommended firmware 1.25 but now firmware is showing 0.00 after updated to flashlink and still flashlink is suggesting to update to recommended firmware 1.25. so i updated to 1.25 version again and still showing 0.00 after flashed. i lost 3x chance flashing in this hardware on the remote starter side. anybody can tell me what is going on about flashlink or my hardware..
asked 2 weeks ago in Dodge by Sherwin Beltran (440 points)

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what is the service number of the evo-one?
answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (228,710 points)
Service# 002B07034481
Thanks Robb! firmware is now updated!

It shows as being updated on my end.  Restart flash link? Make sure you have 4.51 installed. 




i can't get solid blue led on programming step 1 to 3 when i release the programming button blue led will off for 2008 dodge ram 2500 diesel. i checked all my wiring and they are on the right connection aside parking light i didn't use it. am i on the right firmware? i don't think i can still flash my firmware on the bypass side i has 8/8 already
If blue turns off by itself after releasing on blue, it's because the module sees ignition on already. Check your A1-yellow and e5 pink connection. Meter the wire as well. should only be 12v when key is on.


Your module is reset.